Quebec..Je Me Souviens....

Almost a year ago I went to Quebec City with a friend of mine. Though I’ve just recently looked at all the pictures. It was a month full of trips that my pictures piled up. Anyway, Quebec is a lovely city with great architectures and old walled alleys. I love the colorful little shops that sells everything from cheese to handmade accessories and antiques. There’s special detail about each shop that gives the whole place a European ambience, Maybe it's the intricate carvings, hanging flowers, vines or colorful chimes.

Walking around the city felt like walking around play houses with its old brick walls, cobblestones and colorful roofs. Chateau Frontenac, a hotel dominates the skyline and is like the focal point of the city. It truly feels far away though it’s only about 5 hours drive from New York City.
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