Where will you go this November?

Paris, France

Florence, Italy
Vienna, Austria

Night Photography by City

Photos: Frace by Remco Van De Steeg,; viena  by romalek; Florence by hartmut albert; Singapore by clement le flem; Belgium by Bertrand Devimeux


Twelve Of The Worlds Best Beaches

Phi Phi Island - Thailand’s most popular tourist spot is Leonardo DiCaprio’s heaven in the movie “The Beach”. Surrounded by rugged freestanding rock cliffs jutting skyward from the ocean. This island surrounded by exotic houses, coconut trees, secluded, beach backdrop is amazingly beautiful.

Pink Sands - Just the name itself is already beautiful, you guessed it, it has pink sand from the shells of the foraminifera. It’s locatedin Harbor Island, Bahamas and is considered on of Bahamas’ best. Visit this place and watch it’s sand blush!

Ipanema Beach - One of Brazil’s best beaches. Reminds us of the song “ girl from Ipanema, it was written in this very beach. It’s known for the best biking beach in the world.

Lanikai Beach - Located in Oahu Hawaii, considered by many to be the best swimming beach in Hawaii because of it’s clear waters, clean, wide beach, surrounded by coconut palms, long stretch of powdered white sand that is perfect for sunbathing. Sparkling turquoise waters sheltered by a wide, protective offshore reef provide ideal swimming conditions.

Whiteaven Beach, Australia -Long stretch of cleanest and truly white sand in an isolated coast is best for relaxing and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Mnemba Lodge - Located in exotic Tanzania in Africa this beach surrounded by beautiful exotic houses, white sand and infinite blue sea.

Boracay, Philippines - One of the worlds best tropical beach with clean white sand and turquoise water, it’s perfect for swimming and family vacation. There are lots of places to go and sports to do. The beach is surrounded by lot’s of restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels and waking up in on of them with the great view of the beach with exotic asian boats floating about is heavenly!
Anguilla - Everything in Anguilla is really Caribbean, from it’s white sand to soft reggae music, clean, modern island with lots of sun.
Maldives - “The sunny side of life” their motto itself is very inviting. The view is breathtaking and walking in this secluded paradise is something a visitor will never forget. Sun, sand, sea and lots of fun not to mention the beautiful underwater corals.
Coronado Beach in California is the perfect place to watch the sun set in the Pacific Ocean. It’s perfect for swimming, surfing, sailing or just relaxing under your umbrella.
Beau Vallon Beach - located in Northern Mahe, Seychelles - Crystal clear water and white granite sand. You wouldn’t want to leave this place.

Villefranche sur Mer - A few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of bigger Cote d’Azur cities lies a great beauty. With its sandy shore, small medieval village and relaxed atmosphere this place is truly romantic.

Photo Credit  (1) Tat-la.com (2) Pink Sands (3)Steven Le Vourc'h  (4) (5) Hubert Woj (6) Angelo Juan Ramos (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) Wikimedia


Mysterious Island: Santorini

Aside from it’s captivating beauty and history reaching 4000 years back, Santorini is also linked with the mythical Atlantis, and the mysterious island where captain Nemo watch the volcano eruption. This beguiling tourist hotspot offers glorious sunsets, amazing beaches with dark sand and azure blue water of the Aegean sea; views of the volcano and neighboring islands, appealing resorts, and postcard worthy scenery.
This beauty is located in the southern most island of the Cycladic group in the Aegean Sea and about 120 miles southeast from Greece’s mainland.

By plane it’s about 40 minutes from Athens, and 8 - 13 hours by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus, Thessaloniki or Crete and almost all the Cycladic islands.

The Mediterranean climate: basically extended periods of sunshine, warm and dry summers and mild winters makes it possible to visit all year round and enjoy the view.

The place was once called Kalliste which means "the most beautiful one". The Latin Empire gave the name Santorini , which is a reference to Saint Irene. To me Santorini is a magical island full of ancient secrets waiting to unfold.
photos by Geaorge Pallas


Postcards From Maldives

Worship the sun in Maldives, it's all-year sunshine. Step into paradise and be amazed by its natural beauty with deep blue sea, breathtaking sunsets, amazing blue sky and ancient coral reefs around towering volcanoes. This paradise in the middle of Indian Ocean is a must see!
Photo By Gard Karlsen
photo by Jean Michel Pouy
photo by josefa sester
photo by Christian Betrisey
Photo by Javier Sanchis
Photo by Ismail Niyaz Mohamed
Photo by Giorgio Mercuri


Exotic Aruba

 Aruba is one of the most visited island. It has no doubt a lot to offer.With it's
long stretch of best beaches, tons of package resorts and lines of shops in it’s small yet lovely downtown. It’s all about fun, sun and oh spending money.
Eagle Beach Aruba

photo by Piebe Van Den Burg


Quebec..Je Me Souviens....

Almost a year ago I went to Quebec City with a friend of mine. Though I’ve just recently looked at all the pictures. It was a month full of trips that my pictures piled up. Anyway, Quebec is a lovely city with great architectures and old walled alleys. I love the colorful little shops that sells everything from cheese to handmade accessories and antiques. There’s special detail about each shop that gives the whole place a European ambience, Maybe it's the intricate carvings, hanging flowers, vines or colorful chimes.

Walking around the city felt like walking around play houses with its old brick walls, cobblestones and colorful roofs. Chateau Frontenac, a hotel dominates the skyline and is like the focal point of the city. It truly feels far away though it’s only about 5 hours drive from New York City.


Aqua Lake & Glorious Mountains

Lake Louise by Way Lim

Quick Info About Banff
~ A town in Alberta Province, Canada
~ Accessible to Calgary National Airport
~ There are shuttles available from the airport to Banff & Lake Louise
~ Downtown Banff is small, about 10 -15 minutes walking distance
~ Biking around town is popular. There are places you can rent bikes.
~ Banff is filled with trails to the forest, streams, waterfalls, and amazing lake and mountain views.
~ There are fun and informative sightseeing tours available to guide visitors.
~ Heavily tourist area.
~ It’s hard to park sometimes but there’s a free multilevel parking area near the center.
~ Tourism is always high that’s why it can be expensive to dine.
~ There are plenty of accommodation. Book early especially in winter and summer.

Scroll down for things to do in Banff….

Lake Moraine by Arijit Joarder
Cascade Mountain, Banff Alberta Canada by Jeff Tupper
Bow River Canoeing by Paul Enns
                                                           Sulpur Mountain by Chris Jules
Banff Center by Fred Lion
Banff Lake by Phil Dyer

What To in Banff:
~ Skiing
~ Photo trekking
~ Waterslides
~ Evening ice walk and campfire
~ Snowshoeing
~ Canoeing
~ Hiking
~ Wildlife viewing
~ Rafting

Red Canoe by Doug Cawker

Banff Springs Hotel
Moraine Lake Sunrise by Jonathan Zhang
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