Mongolia - Land of Boundless Space

Want to have a sense of how big the world really is? Then visit Mongolia, the land of boundless space, pure water springs, fresh air, high mountains, chaste endless forests, sand dunes of Gobi desert and nomadic peoples. It’s wild and pure and everyone who visits experience ultimate adventure with nature. They said that time almost stopped there many centuries ago and that the noise of civilization does not disturb the calmness of the place.
mongolian restaurant

1 & 2 Images by Rikk Rikk; 3. mongolian jeep by christian eduoardas; 4. luzie Cznlukkw; 6. camp in mongolia by edwin gimpel; 9. Gobi desert by gaetan delmotte; 10. terje Gunesmael


Cape Town

Molded by English and Dutch imperialism, multicultural Cape Town is Africa’s most European city. Along with it’s Native Khoisan and Xhosa culture are Malaysians and Europeans. It has beautiful and modern skyscraper and old Victorian era architecture. Beautiful coastline, mountains, harbors, resorts and has rich produce supply and vineyards.
Photos Info: 1. Cape Town Harbour by Ryno Sauerman 2. Cloak Tower by Wanda Van den Hogen 3. Camps bay vista by Grant Parnell 4. Cape Town Harbour at Night by Willem Kok

Roadtrip: Utah

Thinking outdoor adventures? Gather your map, camera, cool crew, pack your bags and your big wheels and start singing “big wheels keep on turnin’ carry me home to see…“ Utah!

It’s a paradise for those who love outdoor adventures!

French Alps

Photos by Gilles Wittmer

Isle of Wight

Known for its remarkable natural beauty, holiday resorts and destinations. This English Island is separated from mainland England that's why it's more enchanting.

Photos by Jamie Russell - a superb photographer

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